The datalake company

We offer for many financial and not financial domains
a mature software easy to extend.

Soft Finance was founded in Geneva in 2004.
Based on a desire to harness the foundational power of qualitative and quantitative data, bridging IT and finance, we have built a strong track record working with academic research centers, regulators, and a wide range of corporate clients in the financial sector.
After many years of collaborative IT development, we provide our clients with FDM, our proprietary data management platform, a global solution for holding, controlling, enhancing, and exploiting data.
Soft-Finance SA also offers highly customized solutions combining consulting expertise with innovative IT solutions. With a clear vision about data quality and a goal to strive for efficiency, we work with our partners to provide them with a new productivity level. Thanks to our expertise and a continuously updated proprietary data management solution with a holistic approach, we’re able to deliver an unparalleled user experience to our clients.


Data quality is fundamental but widely ignored in data intensive businesses. In addition, a multitude of software is coexisting in a greatly inefficient disorder.


● Data modeling expertise, a clear focus and optimization of data quality issues.
● An innovative track record including a patent pending for a business process.
● A collaborative approach based on strong experience of partners.

Serge Billieux, CEO

Serge has a technical (Mines 88) and financial (ESSEC 93) background. After three years of bond market analysis (UBP, Pictet in Geneva), Serge became involved in the hedge funds industry as a fund of hedge funds manager & partner (SGS / Mestral Capital), for three years. He realized the global lack of technology for this then-emerging industry of alternative asset management and, in 1999, created his first software company, which was taken over in 2002. In order to pursue his vision, Serge set up Soft-Finance with Drago in 2004.

Dr. Drago Indjic, Head of Research

Drago has a Ph.D. in Engineering from Imperial College London. Drago’s experience in the hedge-fund industry covers the spectrum from start-up funds (Amplitude Capital, Oxquant, First Quadrant, Econostat), large fund of funds (Fauchier Partners) to government fund (Kuwait Investment Office). Drago is also Project Manager at Hedge Fund Center at London Business School. He is a frequent speaker at leading industry conferences, lectured MBA modules in London, Oxford and Dubai, and has supervised over three dozen postgraduate student projects in hedge funds.

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